Prawn formed in Ridgewood, NJ in the summer of 2007. The band has extensively toured the U.S., self released two EP’s and one tour demo. The band self-released their first full length “You Can Just Leave It All ” in June 2011 and Topshelf Records released it on vinyl that winter. Prawn followed up their first full length with an EP/LP entitled “Ships.” In the summer of 2012, Prawn made their first trip to Europe and the UK in the form of a five week tour. The band has continued touring throughout 2012 and 2013. A split release with Joie De Vivre is in the works for late 2013 and a new LP in early 2014.

Tony Clark

- Guitar/ Vocals

Jamie Houghton

- Drums

Kyle Burns

- Guitars/Vocals

Corey Davis

- Bass, Misc.

Ryan McKenna

- Bass, Misc.